Accelerated Data Insights. Made Simple.

We transform your domain experts and data engineers to a high performing team, focusing on understanding and deriving value out of your key data assets. We remove over 80% of traditional manual development and maintenance work through data platform automation as a service.
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Versatile data model and platform orchestration automation

Probably the most versatile data insight accelerator available. We bring you all the features you need to manage your platform for ingesting, transforming, modelling, and delivering clean, reliable data in the fastest, most efficient way possible. All managed via our WADE SaaS giving you the following benefits:

Consistent data across your enterprise. Accelerating business insights.

WADE combines all the data platform capabilities you need into a single, unified solution. Bring together state of the art cloud analytics with, if needed, the power of the cloud on-premises or feed your machine learning models from your data lakehouse.

Cloud Data Platform Automation

Full automation of your Azure based Synapse Data Warehouse or Databricks Data Lakehouse. Accelerating your data lakehouse, data vault and data marts. Creating sustainable data insights.

Hybrid Data Platform Automation

Utilize the power of the cloud, while being compliant to data protection regulations, by storing relevant data on-premises.

Customer Success

We help your organization accelerate business insights through an integrated approach by using our Data Platform Accelerator, Agile Delivery Methodology, and Strategies for measurable data-driven results.

Cloud Data Platform Automation

Accelerate your data insights by utilizing best of breed Microsoft and Databricks reference data platform architectures. Automate your data assets into a data lake, integrate, govern and model your data warehouse or data lakehouse, and define data marts for your specific businesss purposes – all by simply entering metadata via a common process regardless of if your data is managed in a warehouse or lakehouse.

Hybrid Data Platform Automation

Take advantage of the same WADE automation capabilities and the computing power of the cloud while keeping sensitive data secure in your local data center. Future-proofing an easy cloud only migration when regulations allow.

Customer Success

Our Customer Success team will help you get the most out of your data platform automation journey at a pace that aligns with your enterprise’s goals and operational needs. Our team of data engineers, data platform architects and project managers bring market leading technology, industry best practices and a commitment to your success to ensure your data platform delivers the efficiency, scale and value you expect.

Accelerated Data Insights. Made simple.

Maximize your business outcome by fast and reliable data insights. The WADE Data Platform Accelerator adds a helping hand and an additional intelligent dimension to your workforce – freeing up your most valuable domain experts and data engineers from non-value adding tasks.
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Automated lines of quality SQL code delivered
Håkan Forsberg (Microsoft)
“WADE have successfully taken our Microsoft best of breed products for Azure Synapse data warehousing and created an impressive service offering to accelerate companies who are on a journey to become data driven. “
Martin Irding (McKinsey ex Aleris)
“WADE’s solution is easy-to-use and enables automation of building data flows to the data warehouse. Reducing amount of manual SQL programming and labor cost significantly combined with the team’s deep domain knowledge and proven track record and the focus on building non-proprietary Microsoft’s hybrid cloud data solutions.”

Accelerated Business Growth

Our vision is to create new and sustainable perspectives by unleashing the power of data through automation. Becoming a data-driven company is not an overnight process. WADE’s mission is to accelerate and simplify this journey.


Understand customer behavior, improve customer service and experience or forecast revenue. Rapidly automate and enable harmonized, governed and historized data for your specific business needs. Integrate your CRM, Product, Sales and ERP systems with our pre-built industry data models.


Improve outcomes, increase operational efficiencies, or streamline finance and accounting. Utilize the power of cloud computing while keeping sensitive patient data in your local data center. Ensuring compliance to regulatory requirements and patient safety.

Financial Services

Consumer analytics and insights, risk assessment and management or predictive analytics and future planning. Utilize the power of our automated Databricks Data lakehouse to enable your data scientists to perform instant analysis of many different data sets from the past and present.

Accelerate Your Business Growth

Having the emphasis on total cost of ownership, time to market, and strong business growth, WADE will significantly help you to shift focus from costly and lengthy development and maintenance tasks, as well as dependency on scarce and expensive resources to accelerated metadata driven business insights.
WADE creates new and sustainable perspectives by unleashing the power of data for our data-driven customers. We free up key resources – domain experts and data engineers – and allow them to shift focus from technology to delivering business-driven data insights.
David Barton CEO / WADE Insight AB

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